Focus & Scope

Science in Tropics is a multidisciplinary academic journal that focuses on the exploration and understanding of various scientific aspects in tropical regions. The journal provides a platform for researchers, scientists, and scholars to publish their original research, reviews, and perspectives on topics related to biodiversity, climate, and sustainable development in tropical regions worldwide.


1. Biodiversity and Conservation

  • Species richness and endemism in tropical ecosystems
  • Conservation strategies and practices in tropical regions
  • Ecosystem services and their importance in tropical environments
  • Threats to biodiversity, including habitat loss, deforestation, and invasive species
  • Conservation policies and their effectiveness in tropical countries

2. Climate and Weather Patterns

  • Tropical climate systems, including monsoons, El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO), and tropical cyclones
  • Climate change impacts on tropical regions, including rising temperatures, changing precipitation patterns, and sea-level rise
  • Climate modeling and forecasting in tropical areas
  • Adaptation strategies for communities and ecosystems in response to climate change

3. Sustainable Development in the Tropics

  • Sustainable agriculture and agroforestry practices in tropical regions
  • Renewable energy sources and their implementation in tropical countries
  • Community-based natural resource management
  • Indigenous knowledge and practices for sustainable development
  • Socio-economic aspects of sustainable development in tropical regions

4. Tropical Medicine and Public Health

  • Tropical diseases and their prevention, diagnosis, and treatment
  • Epidemiology and surveillance of tropical diseases
  • Public health challenges in tropical regions, including access to healthcare and sanitation
  • Vector-borne diseases and their control measures
  • Traditional medicine and ethnomedicine in tropical communities

5. Environmental Science and Ecology

  • Tropical forest ecosystems and their dynamics
  • Ecological processes and interactions in tropical environments
  • Environmental pollution and its impacts on tropical ecosystems
  • Restoration ecology and reforestation efforts in tropical regions
  • Remote sensing and GIS applications in tropical environmental research

6. Socio-cultural Perspectives

  • Indigenous knowledge systems and their integration into scientific research
  • Cultural practices and their influence on conservation and sustainable development
  • Gender and social equity issues related to science in tropical regions
  • Traditional ecological knowledge and its relevance in modern scientific approaches
  • Interdisciplinary studies on the intersection of social sciences and natural sciences in tropical contexts